Content Marketer OKR Examples

How-to Guide to Writing Good Content Marketer OKRs with
Example Objectives and Key Results

When getting started with Content Marketer OKRs - Objectives and Key Results -
the common questions we get at Weekdone are:

  1. How to write good Content Marketer OKRs?
  2. Can you give me examples of good Content Marketer OKRs?
  3. What should I put in my Content Marketer OKRs?

To answer these questions we created this database of example Content Marketer OKRs so you
can get started and write your own company, department, team, or personal OKRs.

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Successfully implement the weekly newsletter
  • Finalize the content strategy, key messages, and topic structure for the next 6 months
  • Grow subscriber base at least 5% per week, getting to 50,000 readers
  • Increase the CTR% to above industry average 3.5%
Improve our content and its distribution
  • Implement 12 new channels/mediums to post old or new content
  • Get 60 marketing takeaways from reading 1h of marketing materials a day
  • Test 1 product review site for paid promotion
Activate user-testing of our content
  • Talk to 10 external editors to receive feedback on our articles and infographics
  • Conduct 21 face to face content testing and interview sessions with users
  • Organize an online survey to rate our various content (min 100 answers

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"Where do I want to go?"
  • O Objective
  • B Bracing
  • J Judicious
  • E Exact
  • C Clearly understandable
  • T Tangible
Key Results
"How do I get there?"
  • R Reachable
  • E Exponent
  • S Significant
  • U Understandable
  • L Limited to numbers
  • T Trackable
OKR Best Practices

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