Product Manager OKR Examples

How-to Guide to Writing Good Product Manager OKRs with
Example Objectives and Key Results

When getting started with Product Manager OKRs - Objectives and Key Results -
the common questions we get at Weekdone are:

  1. How to write good Product Manager OKRs?
  2. Can you give me examples of good Product Manager OKRs?
  3. What should I put in my Product Manager OKRs?

To answer these questions we created this database of example Product Manager OKRs so you
can get started and write your own company, department, team, or personal OKRs.

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Successfully launch version 3 of our main product
  • Get 10000 new signups
  • Get published product reviews in over 15 publications
  • Achieve sign-up to trial ratio of over 25
  • Achieve trial to paid ratio of over 50
Research, analyze and understand what our users and non-users really think
  • Sales team to conduct 50 phone interviews with key accounts
  • Support team to conduct 50 phone interviews with churned accounts
  • Product management to interview 25 external team leaders (non-users)
  • Design team conduct 30 web-based user testingsessions on new and old users
Activate user-testing of our product
  • Conduct at least 21 face to face user testing and interview sessions
  • Receive at least 15 video interviews from
Implement new 360-degree product planning process
  • Document clear role division between sales, marketing, design and development
  • Decide on and document the process of input methods to and from sales, marketing, design and development back into product management
  • Integrate user testing into all activities in product planning and design phase
  • Integrate user testing into pre-launch testing phase

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"Where do I want to go?"
  • O Objective
  • B Bracing
  • J Judicious
  • E Exact
  • C Clearly understandable
  • T Tangible
Key Results
"How do I get there?"
  • R Reachable
  • E Exponent
  • S Significant
  • U Understandable
  • L Limited to numbers
  • T Trackable
OKR Best Practices

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