Head of Marketing OKR Examples

How-to Guide to Writing Good Head of Marketing OKRs with
Example Objectives and Key Results

When getting started with Head of Marketing OKRs - Objectives and Key Results -
the common questions we get at Weekdone are:

  1. How to write good Head of Marketing OKRs?
  2. Can you give me examples of good Head of Marketing OKRs?
  3. What should I put in my Head of Marketing OKRs?

To answer these questions we created this database of example Head of Marketing OKRs so you
can get started and write your own company, department, team, or personal OKRs.

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Simplify and clarify our product, messaging, and overall presentation
  • 25 on-site user-testing sessions to understand key product misunderstandings
  • Test 10 of our recent infographics and slide decks for customer understanding
  • Get 1000 answers to an online user survey sent to all last quarter's signups
  • Conduct a team hackathon to create and publish full portfolio of product materials
  • Present an action plan for next quarter's messaging improvements
Achieve record metrics in all areas of marketing
  • 170,000 website visitors
  • 23,000 signups
  • 7,500 trials
  • 3,500 new paid customers
  • Maximum paid user acquisition cost of $25
Improve brand presence
  • Get 5 earned placements in mainstream media
  • Collaborate with 3 industry influencers on high-profile campaigns
  • Boost brand recognition by 50%
  • Growing social media following by 100%

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"Where do I want to go?"
  • O Objective
  • B Bracing
  • J Judicious
  • E Exact
  • C Clearly understandable
  • T Tangible
Key Results
"How do I get there?"
  • R Reachable
  • E Exponent
  • S Significant
  • U Understandable
  • L Limited to numbers
  • T Trackable
OKR Best Practices

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