Company Objectives and Team OKRs
Align Company Objectives and Team OKRs in Weekdone
Improve customer retention to drive up revenue
  • PRODUCT OBJECTIVE: Improve our in-product onboarding% 1000
  • MARKETING OBJECTIVE: Target and improve enterprise MQLs for longer staying customers% 1000
  • CUSTOMER SUCCESS OBJECTIVE: Improve long-term relationships with our customers% 1000
Improve development and sales team workflow
  • Efficient bug reports increase by 10% % 100
  • Increase admin log ins in week 1 from 3 to 7 after team alignment sessionsadmin logins 73
  • Increase internal team satisfaction from 40% to 80% % 4040
Expand team knowledge for new mobile app development
  • Increase number of developers with certificates on mastering React from 3 to 6developers 63
  • Improve reporting dashboards to give 100% visibility across all teams% 10020
  • Develop and test 2 parts of mobile appnew parts 20
Develop top-tier data center to exceed market expectations
  • Reduce our digital carbon footprint by 30%% 300
  • Review and follow Uptime Institute's 4 tier standards for infrastructure% 1000
  • Research and implement a DCIM tool to ensure smooth success tool implemented 10
Revamp revenue growth model to focus on “helping buyers buy” instead of selling
  • Implement change management strategies to shift mindset from selling to helping buyers buystrategies 30
  • Assess and adapt the current new revenue growth model to buyer behavior by the end of the quarteradaption 10
  • Identify resource allocation required to implement new modelmodel(s) implemented -10
Improve earnings and implement cost control initiatives
  • Reduce operational costs and expenses by 25%% 250
  • Develop revenue forecast reports for the quarterreports 50
  • Identify areas to reduce costs and increase profit margins by 30%% increase 300
Reduce customer churn rate and improve retention to support revenue growth
  • Reduce churn rate of SaaS customers to less than 2% in the quarter% churn 27
  • Review customer experiences in quarterly meeting and introduce customer-first cultureexperiences reviewed 500
  • Develop customer relationship management strategy to improve retention rate by 5%% retention 50
Evaluate, organize, and improve information systems across departments
  • Audit the current information system used company-wide within 5 weeksaudit 10
  • Recommend 3 changes in 3 key departments to improve information systemschanges 30
  • Develop and implement a centralized information system and database by the end of the quarterdatabase 10
Revamp IT budget for maximum efficiency while maintaining costs
  • Optimize IT spending budget and get approval for 3 projects with high priority projects 30
  • Provide 3 new IT budget updates and recommendations in key areas by end of the quarterupdates 30
  • Ensure department-level IT budget and technology costs are within 6% of overall annual budget% 60
Develop and implement a new program to improve information security
  • Conduct a security audit within 4 weeks to test performance of systemsaudit 10
  • Identify 3 vulnerability areas and implement an information security programprogram 10
  • Achieve industry-specific cybersecurity certification within three monthscertification 10
Build a superior Operations teams
  • Interview and hire an Operations Manager by the end of the monthnew hire 10
  • Develop the annual and quarterly IT strategies to align objectives of the operation team with other teams and the companystrategies 20
  • Ensure 100% of the team achieve Agile Certification by the end of the quarter% 1000
Improve alignment of quarterly marketing goals with the sales team
  • Develop and implement 2 workshops to increase alignment with the sales teamworkshops 20
  • Work with sales to define ICP, MQLs, and SQLs, and Identify scoring criteriacriteria identified 30
  • Conduct regular meetings with sales to achieve close rate of 30% of SQLs% close 300
Finish raising new capital for our growth needs
  • Achieve first to second VC meeting ratio of 40%% 400
  • Old investors reinvest a minimum of $6 million $ 0
  • Close an B-series funding round with a minimum of $10 million$ 0
Improve brand engagement initiatives to increase conversion rate
  • Develop content strategy and agree on 10 Initiatives for the quarterInitiatives 100
  • Identify 30 high priority accounts and develop engagement strategiesaccounts 300
  • Reduce spending by 30% across channels and marketing tactics% 300
Improve our new market opportunities decision making process
  • Analyze last new market entries and agree on 7 success criteriacriteria 70
  • Analyze and score at least 10 new market opportunities based on the success criteriaopportunities 100
  • Get confirmation from 2 outside company experts that the two top score market choices are the best onesconfirmations 20
Build a customer experience (CX) strategy to improve brand value
  • Evaluate and align CX strategy with the company’s value proposition% aligned 1000
  • Choose 3 CX tools to capture customer data and actionable insightsCX tools 30
  • Implement and ensure all team members are CX certifiedteam members 150
Understand the needs of our main customers to improve our relationships
  • Conduct phone interviews with 10 main clients to understand their preferencescalls 100
  • Based on the results comply an improvement plan that gets green light from 7 managersmanagers 70
  • Achieve agreement and satisfaction of all 10 main clientsclients 100
Become focused, aligned, and effective with OKRs and Weekdone
  • Achieve average weekly plans completion score of >60% across all teams% 610
  • Document key learnings through weekly team summaries for 13 weeksweeks 130
  • 90% of people confirm in a poll that they have a practical understanding of OKRs% 900
Expand to European markets successfully
  • Choose the top country for the launch and sign a contract with at least 5 resellersresellers 50
  • Achieve an average order value of 50kaverage order 500000
  • Work closely with resellers and sell out all first orders within 14 (maximum 21) days% 1000

Operations OKR Examples for Processes

Improve internal document management system
  • All 7 teams agree and implement folder structures agreements 70
  • 7 teams complete the move and consolidation of 100% of document to the new structureteams 70
  • Collect feedback from all users and over 80% responses are positive% 800
Improve MRP information management processes
  • On time delivery increases from 80% to 100%% 10080
  • Inventory stock error reduced from 10% to >3%% 310
  • Production efficiency increased from 40% to 60% of maximum capacity% 6040
Improve new contract management process to save time and avoid unnecessary bureaucracy
  • Review 7 sections of the standard contract to find any potential risks sections 70
  • Reduce time from contract negotiation start to making final decision from 7 days to 2 working daysdays 27
  • Resubmit 12 long-term contracts with documents exchange timeline improvements contracts 120
Improve the process of looking for new store locations
  • Add relevant photos to folders with 17 locations planslocation plans 170
  • Reach out to 5 previous tenants of the locations under active considerationtenants 50
  • Conduct full sanitary inspection in 3 locations locations 30
Improve our scheduling system to avoid being understaffed in peak business hours
  • 80% of shifts have at least 6 employees on duty % 800
  • Reduce overtime compensation expenses from $3000 to $500 or less$ 5003000
  • Coach 5 managers on schedule planning best practices coach sessions 50

Operations OKR Examples for Teamwork and Well-being

Make the office a desirable place to work
  • Gather feedback from 80% employees on improvement ideas% employees 800
  • Solve top 3 problems identifiedproblems solved 30
  • Confirm improvements in discussion with 10 peopleconfirmations 100
Implement a Learning Management System to improve internal expertise
  • 80% of employees watch at least 3 videos on the platform% 800
  • Develop 5 modules for the basic training program modules 50
  • Coach 17 employees on how to add new internal Wiki articles employees 170
  • At least 20 new Wiki articles are added and shared through internal channelsarticles 200

Operations OKR Examples for Risk Management

Implement a risk management process when choosing new contractors
  • Confirm the scope of work with 5 departmental leaders leaders 50
  • Finalize the process workflow (5 milestones): 1-analyze the risks, 2-research solutions, 3-confirm with the legal team, 4-present the workflow to the departments, 5-enforce milestones 50
  • Analyze risk occurrence patterns with 50 contractors in the past contractors 500

Operations OKR Examples for Cost Optimization

Formalize expenses planning process to save money by purchasing in bulk
  • Reduce the number of ad hoc purchasing requests from marketing from 80 per quarter to 2 instances (in case of emergency)requests 280
  • Negotiate discounted prices with 6 long-term vendors vendors 60
  • Save at least $2000 on recurring expenses this quarter $ 20000

Operations OKR Examples for Interdepartmental communication

Audit departmental meetings and engage in departmental daily routine to evaluate the quality of business operations
  • Audit 15 departmental meetings over the quarter audits 150
  • Get 150 anonymous survey responses responses 1500
  • Document daily FAQs for 7 teams teams 70

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