Maintain and increase funding sources
  • Connect with new companies to increase funding by 20% in the quarter% 200
  • Increase the signups for CSR partnerships by 10%% signups 100
  • Nurture current funders and maintain a retention rate of 50%% retention rate 500
Improve brand image through advocacy and thought leadership
  • Connect with at least 5 industry leaders or partners to understand key issuesconnections 50
  • Plan and host at least 1 advocacy virtual or hybrid event hosted event 10
  • Develop and publish a quarterly report to highlight key issuesquarterly report 10
Strengthen relationship with current funders
  • Plan and implement a nurturing plan to keep funders updated nurturing plan 10
  • Develop and share a quarterly impact report of outreach programs impact report 10
  • Obtain 75% engagement with donors through scheduled podcast or webinar % engagement 750

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