Improve the UX/UI of our main landing page to drive action
  • Increase conversion on the first 2 CTA’s from 10 to 15% in total% 1510
  • Increase the % of people viewing at least 2 other pages after the landing page from 2 to 5%% 52
  • Increase the % of people who open more than one image in the product image gallery from 10 to 25%% 1510
Launch a new, clearer landing page to drive action
  • Test existing landing page with at least 100 external usersuser tests 1000
  • Analyze previously reported feedback and agree on 10 biggest design issues to fixdesign issues 100
  • User-test page prototypes with 12 people to work out usability issues user tests 120
  • Achieve 80% positive feedback score from testing sessions% 800
Veli-Johan Veromann, Design Director at Weekdone

“Some of these OKR examples for design were our actual Objectives for the last quarter. Writing them down, and tracking their progress was definitely one of the things which made Weekdone great again. I hope they will help you and your team set and reach new goals in 2021.”

— Veli-Johan Veromann, Design Director @ Weekdone

If you have any good goals that every designer should have, write to me and I’ll add them here.

Promote our design team as the coolest place to work
  • Apply for external design competitions until we win at least 2competitions won 20
  • Achieve 5000 downloads with 2 open source design and UI/UX freebies downloads 50000
  • Conduct monthly designer meetups with 40 people attending on averageattendants average 400
Become a strong design driven company
  • All 7 teams participate in the new guidelines presentation meetingteams 70
  • All 24 of our software page layouts have been updated based on new guidelineslayouts 240
  • All 7 teams have their public and shareable materials only with our designteams 70
  • Employee survey confirms that 90% of employees feel that we stick to our design more then before% 900
Improve the workflow between design and development to save more time
  • Reduce design task tickets reopened by development from 40 to 10%% 1040
  • Reduce the average time of “small improvements” resolved from 10 days to 3 daysdays 310
  • Increase submitted design request going into execution from 50 to 80%% 8050
Promote our new brand image through design deliverables
  • Design new graphs/templates for at least 50% of top performing posts% of posts 500
  • Increase the downloads of the templates and infographics from average of 200 to 800 a monthdownloads 800200
  • Start a design pinterest account and achieve average monthly visits of 1200visits 12000
Create a new product design prototype that suits the customer expectations
  • Collect feedback from 50 customers about current design customers 500
  • Design at least 3 different examples based on the feedbackexamples 30
  • Test all 3 designs with at least 30 people to find the most suitable onedesigns 30
Improve the variety of fast design options with reusable templates
  • Create a library with at least 100 frequently used elements for designs elements 1000
  • Improve the design brief to reduce the number of iterations (at least 10 designs are approved with less than 3 iterations)designs 100
  • Organize all used designs with tags into 12 main categories categories 120

Support Marketing with designed content that catches more attention
  • Add infographics to our blog post and achieve 100 downloads per post on averageaverage downloads 1000
  • Update current ad designs to increase ad clicks from 11k to 20kclicks 2000011000
  • Redesign our e-book page to increase conversion rate of page views to downloads from 40% to 60%% 6040

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