Develop and demonstrate strong leadership skills in the workplace
  • Lead at least 2 successful projects that improve team productivity and efficiency within the next six monthssuccessful projects 20
  • Receive positive feedback from at least three team members on my communication and leadership style during the next quarterly reviewpositive feedback 30
Improve my technical skills to become a subject matter expert in my field
  • Attend at least two industry conferences or seminars in the next six months to expand my knowledge and network with other professionals in my fieldindustry conferences 20
  • Complete two online courses or certifications related to my field of expertise in the next two quarterscourses completed 20
Improve my time management skills and achieve a better work-life balance
  • Complete my 3 Weekly Plans in Weekdone every week during the quarterweeks 130
  • Engage in stress relieving activities for 30 minutes per day during the quarterdays 910
  • Achieve a 10% increase in overall productivity during work hours% increase 100

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