Revamp contract management processes to help improve efficiency of the Sales team
  • Automate the monthly contract renewal process by end of the quarter% 1000
  • Reduce the contract sign-off and execution turnaround time from 45 days to 20 daysdays 2045
  • Create a Contract Negotiations Guide and train the team with new guidelines by end of the monthtraining held 10
Improve payment processes and provide better support to the Sales team
  • Streamline the payment process to receive payments from 100% of existing customers in this quarter% 1000
  • Train all new team members on SLAs, billing guidelines, and policies by the end of the monthtrainings 100
  • Create and publish 15 legal definitions and 10 FAQs online to improve awareness and adoptionmaterials published 250
Support and expedite expansion plans into new region in the quarter
  • Ensure all documents are ready for registration of new business entity in the region documents 205
  • Ascertain 100% compliance of financial, tax and employment law regulations% 1000
  • Ensure compliance with regulations relating to corporate reporting and auditing based on governance requirements% 1000

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