HR OKR Examples for Hiring & Recruiting

Improve the recruitment process to increase candidate satisfaction
  • Decrease rejected candidate feedback time from 10 to 5 days on averageday average 510
  • Improve process to reduce the recruitment steps from 5 meetings to 3meetings 35
  • Increase last round candidates satisfaction in process from 60% to 100% % 10060
Create a successful recruitment LinkedIn outreach campaign for Senior Engineering experts
  • Conduct seminars in the universities & collect over 100 emails for the talent poolemails 1000
  • Harvest Linkedin to collect 250 potential new candidatescandidates 2500
  • Redesign our careers webpage to drive 5% increase in website applicantsincrease % 50
Develop a sustainable candidate lead strategy
  • Partner with recruitment agencies to interview 60 candidatescandidates 600
  • Write 5 articles promoting us as a place to work read by 1500 unique visitorsvisitors 15000
  • Our vacancies web page visits increase from 600 to 900visits 900600
Research & improve best job advertising practices
  • Review competitor's hiring campaigns and gather 3 insights we could useinsights 30
  • Review 3 new candidate channelschannels 30
  • Increase average qualified candidates per advert from 10 to 15candidates 1510

HR OKR Examples for Employee Onboarding

Research improvement opportunities for a better onboarding process
  • Interview 6 department heads about their current onboarding processheads 60
  • Interview 10 new joiners to collect feedback on the onboarding process new joiners 100
  • Research 5 competitors’ onboarding practices for different departmentspractices 50
Improve the new-hire onboarding process in the Product team to ensure talent retention
  • Complete 5 sections of the must-have onboarding toolkit sections 50
  • Interview 7 team members about their own onboarding experience and what they would improve about itteam members 70
  • Achieve average onboarding satisfaction score of 8/10 points score 80

HR OKR Examples for Retention & Employees Wellness

Improve internal employee job satisfaction
  • Conduct 3 monthly “Fun Friday” all-hands meetings with motivational speakersmeetings 30
  • Interview 48 employees on ways to improve and implement suggestionsemployees 480
  • Improve weekly employee satisfaction score from 3.8 to 4.7 pointspoints 4.73.8

HR OKR Examples for Compensation and Benefits

Optimize our employee benefits program by providing more educational assistance
  • 20 employees from different departments give their input about their educational needsemployees 200
  • Research 5 competitors’ educational benefits programs for the employeesprograms 50
  • Select top 5 educational assistance programs based on the employees’ interviews and include them under one benefit package programs 50
Build an effective compensation strategy to retain top performer employees
  • Decrease top performers turnover rate from 15% to 5% % 515
  • Increase eNPS among top performers (Employee Net Promoter Score) from 60% to 70%% 7060
  • Collect 20 positive feedback comments from different departments’ top performers on the compensation strategy comments 200

HR OKR Examples for Education and Training

Understand employees training needs and implement a training program
  • Interview 80% of employees to list top 3 key competencies that need to be developedcompetencies 30
  • Complete 3 key competency training sessions with average score over 80%% 800
  • Follow up with all participants and 70% feel more confident with work tasks% 700
Design and launch internal Employee Academy
  • Survey 15 team leaders on our educational needs and gapsleaders 150
  • Talk to 3 other companies’ HR Directors on how they do internal educationdirectors 30
  • Define 10 training modules and design content for eachmodules 100
  • Conduct the first 3-day team offsite to test out the Academy curriculumoffsite 10

HR OKR Examples for Culture and Diversity

Define and promote company culture and values internally
  • Conduct 3 company culture events - all 95 employees attendingattendees 950
  • Do a culture quiz and receive an average score of > 90%% 900
  • Survey employees on perceived improvement > 70% agree% 700
Improve corporate culture through better communication
  • Launch an ongoing 2-way closed-loop feedback process & get 50 feedback entriesentries 500
  • Achieve a weekly Employee Satisfaction / Pulse Score of 4+Pulse Score 50
  • CEO and SVPs to launch a monthly all-hands town hall and open Q&A meetingmeetings 30
Make the company a desirable place to work
  • Employee's Net Promoter Score improved from 6 to over 8eNPS 86
  • Reduce turn over rate from 10% to 0%% 010
  • Increase our Glassdoor Culture & Values rating from 3 to 4+Culture & Values rating 43
Improve diversity and inclusion aspects to build an international team
  • Hire 5 representatives of different nationalities to the engineering teamrepresentatives 50
  • Conduct 4 events in cooperation with our international employees about their home countriesevents 40
  • Increase participation rate in diversity and inclusion training program from 50% to 80%% 8050

HR OKR Examples for Employee Engagement

Improve internal communication and workflows to reduce rework and misalignment
  • Moderate 13 alignment sessions between CS and Development sessions 130
  • Reduce the % of resolved tasks being reopened by the owner for further iterations from 80% to 10%% 1080
  • Organize 7 team presentations with each team presenting their internal roles division, values and challengespresentations 70
  • Increase weekly satisfaction with communication quality (between Compliance and Business Development) from 2/10 (current) to 7/10score 72
Improve internal employee engagement
  • Conduct 3 monthly team events and over 80% attendance% 800
  • Implement feedback system to get ongoing feedback and get over 40 employees respondingemployees 400
  • Average of 80% of employees fill in their Weekly Check-ins over the quarter% 800
  • Reach weekly employee satisfaction score of at least 4.7 pointspoints 4.70
Implement first-quarter OKRs successfully
  • All team managers attend Weekdone Theory and Usage training (Free)managers 100
  • Each team (5 total) set at least 1 good Team OKRteams 50
  • Each team manager holds 12 Weekly Check-in meetingsCheck-ins 600
  • Each team communicates 3 lessons learned using OKRs to the whole companyteams 50
Succeed in Q2 OKR usage and share lessons learned
  • Interview team leaders (5 teams) and set 3 main improvement areas for the new quarterimprovement ideas 150
  • Survey all employees before end of quarter and 80% confirm increase in confidence% 800
  • Ensure teams complete Check-ins each week (5 teams x 13 weeks)Check-ins completed 600

HR OKR Examples for Compliance

Ensure effective compliance in the workplace
  • Test 5 HR software options with built-in compliance safeguards and select the one to start using options 50
  • Perform an HR compliance audit on 6 main areasareas 60
  • Resolve 90% of HR compliance related complaints within 48 hours % 900

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