Revamp revenue growth model to focus on “helping buyers buy” instead of selling
  • Implement change management strategies to shift mindset from selling to helping buyers buystrategies 30
  • Assess and adapt the current new revenue growth model to buyer behavior by the end of the quarteradaption 10
  • Identify resource allocation required to implement new modelmodel(s) implemented -10
Improve earnings and implement cost control initiatives
  • Reduce operational costs and expenses by 25%% 250
  • Develop revenue forecast reports for the quarterreports 50
  • Identify areas to reduce costs and increase profit margins by 30%% increase 300
Reduce customer churn rate and improve retention to support revenue growth
  • Reduce churn rate of SaaS customers to less than 2% in the quarter% churn 27
  • Review customer experiences in quarterly meeting and introduce customer-first cultureexperiences reviewed 500
  • Develop customer relationship management strategy to improve retention rate by 5%% retention 50

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