Increase organic traffic to the company blog
  • Optimize 15 existing blog postsblog posts 150
  • Write 10 new content pieces - blogs, e-book, templates, content pieces 100
  • Create and share SEO strategic guide SEO strategy guide 10
Increase social media engagement across all channels
  • Increase CTR on carousal posts from 15% to 45%% 4515
  • Share on LinkedIn 3 times per week this quarterLinkedIn posts 420
  • Increase Webinar sign-ups from Twitter community by 10%% sign-ups 4030
Improve email open rates and click-through rates this quarter
  • Optimize existing automated subject lines with best practices subject lines optimized 150
  • Improve email list segmentationtargeted lists 60
  • Create 2 targeted email campaignsemail campaigns 20

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