Improve development and sales team workflow
  • Efficient bug reports increase by 10% % 100
  • Increase admin log ins in week 1 from 3 to 7 after team alignment sessionsadmin logins 73
  • Increase internal team satisfaction from 40% to 80% % 4040
Expand team knowledge for new mobile app development
  • Increase number of developers with certificates on mastering React from 3 to 6developers 63
  • Improve reporting dashboards to give 100% visibility across all teams% 10020
  • Develop and test 2 parts of mobile appnew parts 20
Develop top-tier data center to exceed market expectations
  • Reduce our digital carbon footprint by 30%% 300
  • Review and follow Uptime Institute's 4 tier standards for infrastructure% 1000
  • Research and implement a DCIM tool to ensure smooth success tool implemented 10

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