Improve Our Internal Data Quality
  • Reduce data entry errors by 50%Weekly errors 12.525
  • Increase data accuracy to 95% by conducting regular data audits and implementing data cleansing processes% 9580
  • Reduce data duplication by 30%% 3060
Enhance Company Data Visualization and Reporting
  • Increase user engagement with interactive data dashboards by 20% % 8060
  • Reduce time taken to produce company quarterly reports by 50%hours 1020
  • Decrease # of ad-hoc report requests within teams by 10%% 3040
Identify Data Insights and Patterns
  • Identify purchasing patterns and segments that results in 3 actionable inightsactionable insights 30
  • Recommend 2 potential areas for cost savings and revenue generation through data mining techniquespotential gains 20
  • Achieve 80% prediction accuracy through predictive models and sales trend forecasts% 8060
Improve collaboration and communication with stakeholders
  • Establish communication channels with stakeholders to understand data needs through monthly feedback sessionsmonthly feedback sessions 30
  • Collaborate regularly with cross-functional teams to identify data requirements for new projects to ensure data availability from early stagecross-functional meetings 100
  • Achieve average satisfaction rating 4/5 in stakeholder feedback surveysstar satisfaction rating 40

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