Finish raising new capital for our growth needs
  • Achieve first to second VC meeting ratio of 40%% 400
  • Old investors reinvest a minimum of $6 million $ 0
  • Close an B-series funding round with a minimum of $10 million$ 0
Improve our new market opportunities decision making process
  • Analyze last new market entries and agree on 7 success criteriacriteria 70
  • Analyze and score at least 10 new market opportunities based on the success criteriaopportunities 100
  • Get confirmation from 2 outside company experts that the two top score market choices are the best onesconfirmations 20
Understand the needs of our main customers to improve our relationships
  • Conduct phone interviews with 10 main clients to understand their preferencescalls 100
  • Based on the results comply an improvement plan that gets green light from 7 managersmanagers 70
  • Achieve agreement and satisfaction of all 10 main clientsclients 100
Become focused, aligned, and effective with OKRs and Weekdone
  • Achieve average weekly plans completion score of >60% across all teams% 610
  • Document key learnings through weekly team summaries for 13 weeksweeks 130
  • 90% of people confirm in a poll that they have a practical understanding of OKRs% 900
Expand to European markets successfully
  • Choose the top country for the launch and sign a contract with at least 5 resellersresellers 50
  • Achieve an average order value of 50kaverage order 500000
  • Work closely with resellers and sell out all first orders within 14 (maximum 21) days% 1000

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