Drive revenue growth and increase customer satisfaction for e-commerce business
  • Increase quarterly revenue by 15% through targeted marketing campaigns% 150
  • Improve customer satisfaction score by 40%% 8040
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate by 10%% 3242
Optimize website performance and improve user experience
  • Reduce website load speed to under 3 seconds seconds 35
  • Increase mobile conversion rates by 10%% CR 5040
  • Reduce customer complaints and support requests by 20%% 1030
Increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases
  • Launch a customer loyalty program with referral incentives and achieve 500 signupssign-ups 5000
  • Achieve a customer retention rate of 40%% 4025
  • Improve CTR and email open rates of e-mail campaigns by 15%% 8267

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