Improve alignment of quarterly marketing goals with the sales team
  • Develop and implement 2 workshops to increase alignment with the sales teamworkshops 20
  • Work with sales to define ICP, MQLs, and SQLs, and Identify scoring criteriacriteria identified 30
  • Conduct regular meetings with sales to achieve close rate of 30% of SQLs% close 300
Improve brand engagement initiatives to increase conversion rate
  • Develop content strategy and agree on 10 Initiatives for the quarterInitiatives 100
  • Identify 30 high priority accounts and develop engagement strategiesaccounts 300
  • Reduce spending by 30% across channels and marketing tactics% 300
Build a customer experience (CX) strategy to improve brand value
  • Evaluate and align CX strategy with the company’s value proposition% aligned 1000
  • Choose 3 CX tools to capture customer data and actionable insightsCX tools 30
  • Implement and ensure all team members are CX certifiedteam members 150

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